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Announcement! The Session #83 – Against the Grain

The Session

The Session, a.k.a. Beer Blogging Friday, is an opportunity once a month for beer bloggers from around the world to get together and write from their own unique perspective on a single topic. Each month, a different beer blogger hosts the Session, chooses a topic and creates a round-up listing all of the participants, along with a short pithy critique of each entry. Be sure to check out this month’s Session #82 hosted by Beers I’ve Known!

The Session #83 – Against the Grain

Well I want to hear what you think about the following:

How much is our taste or opinion of a craft beer affected by what friends and the craft beer community at large thinks? What beer do you love that no one else seems to get? Or what beer do you say “no thanks” to that everyone can’t get enough of?

I can find myself wondering sometimes when I’ve had an extremely popular beer, but haven’t been all that “wowed”…is it me? Am I missing something here? Was there too much hype? Could there be such a thing as taste inflation? If we really want to dive further into this, is it really only “good” if a large portion of the craft beer community says it is or is our own opinion and taste enough?

How to participate?

Post all your awesome thoughts about this on Friday, January 3. Either include a link to your post in the comments on my post that day, send your link to me via Twitter @thebakeandbrew, or send a link to thebakeandbrew@gmail.com.

I’ll post a round-up the following week to make sure I can include anyone who can’t get their post up on that Friday.


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  3. […] Sneaking up a bit on me through the holidays is the next edition of The Session, taking place this Friday the 3rd of January. It’s hosted by Rebecca of The Bake and Brew and is titled “Against the Grain.” […]

  4. […] Sneaking up a bit on me through the holidays is the next edition of The Session, taking place this Friday the 3rd of January. It’s hosted by Rebecca of The Bake and Brew and is titled “Against the Grain.” […]

  5. Glen says: January 2, 20144:56 pm

    Hey Rebecca,
    Here’s my Session effort, thanks for hosting

  6. BBB (@BmoreBistroBeer) says: January 2, 20146:57 pm

    My Post will be live at 4am Eastern time. Thank you for hosting.


  7. The Beer Nut says: January 3, 20143:36 am

    Here’s mine:

    Thanks for hosting!

  8. beersiveknown says: January 3, 20143:52 am
  9. David says: January 3, 20145:27 am

    Thanks for hosting – here’s a link to my post and also Tinted’s FB page: http://www.beertintedspectacles.com/?p=640 and https://www.facebook.com/beertintedspectacles (I’ve posted a link to Bake and Brew here too)
    Ta for hosting, David

  10. Bryan says: January 3, 20146:56 am

    Thanks for hosting, Rebecca!

    I think I got to what you’ve asked about, but took a stroll down memory lane to get there: http://bit.ly/1bDzMFM


  11. Sheppy says: January 3, 20147:42 am

    Thanks for hosting. Here is what I wrote: http://blog.ericshepard.com/2014/01/against-grain.html

  12. Nate Dawg says: January 3, 20147:52 am
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  14. BmoreBistroBeer says: January 3, 20148:21 am

    I thought I posted a link to my article last night, but I don’t see it. Oh well, here it is again. Thanks for hosting.

    My offering http://ow.ly/seTMI

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  16. Session # 83 says: January 3, 20148:37 am

    […] The Session #83 – Against the Grain from the Bake and Brew […]

  17. Vin says: January 3, 20148:42 am

    Thanks Rebecca!
    Taking my first shot at a session topic: http://bierbattered.com/2014/01/03/the-session-83-against-the-grain/ happy 2014!

  18. Reuben Gray says: January 3, 20149:55 am
  19. […] on Bake and brew is hosting this month and it’s one of those topics that comes up in one form or another: […]

  20. Oliver Gray says: January 3, 201410:19 am

    Great topic. Thanks for hosting, Rebecca.

    Here’s mine – http://literatureandlibation.com/2014/01/03/session-83-against-the-grain/


  21. Sean Inman says: January 3, 201410:35 am

    Here is my submission! Thanks for hosting. http://www.beersearchparty.com/session-83/

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  24. Jon Jefferson says: January 3, 20141:03 pm
  25. Derrick says: January 3, 20141:29 pm

    Thanks for hosting, I found your question interesting! Here’s my contribution:




  26. Epic Beer Girl (@epicbeergirl) says: January 3, 20142:22 pm
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  28. Stan Hieronymus says: January 3, 20145:14 pm

    Here’s my contribution Rebecca:


    Thanks for hosting.

  29. Alan McCormick says: January 3, 20145:30 pm

    Thanks for hosting, Rebecca! I enjoyed the opportunity: http://growlerfills.blogspot.com/2014/01/the-session-no-83-against-grain.html

  30. Jim says: January 3, 20146:08 pm

    Here’s my contribution. Thanks for hosting! And good entry yourself as well. I also don’t go head over heels for Teddy Bear Kisses (although that’s not my subject).


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  32. […] our writings toward a common topic or theme. This month’s Session is hosted by Rebecca of The Bake and Brew and the topic is Against the […]

  33. […] writings toward a common topic or theme. This month’s Session is hosted by Rebecca of The Bake and Brew and the topic is Against the […]

  34. Ruth says: January 4, 20144:14 am

    Thanks for hosting – here’s my first ever effort! http://beerfaerieblogs.blogspot.co.uk/2014/01/the-session-83-against-grain.html

  35. Alan says: January 4, 20148:46 am
  36. Jay Brooks says: January 4, 201411:05 pm

    Thanks for hosting, here’s my contribution:


  37. Jim says: January 6, 20144:10 pm

    I think I may have messed up when I tried to comment on Friday. Here is my entry, and thanks for hosting. Great topic…


  38. Jim says: January 6, 20144:11 pm

    Aaaaaaaand now BOTH of my comments have appeared…for some reason. Sorry for the duplicate entry.

  39. Miguel Medina says: January 6, 20145:30 pm

    Hey Rebeca, here is my post.
    Thanks for hosting….


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  41. Franz says: January 8, 20144:39 pm

    Hi Rebecca,
    Looks like I’m late to the party yet again. Here’s my contribution. Hopefully you can get to it before the round-up. Thanks for hosting!

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  43. Nitch says: January 13, 201411:00 pm

    Merci pour hosting Rebecca!
    You’ve got some great reads out there! Really enjoyed the topic and so I threw my random notes in the mix.

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