Hey there, I'm Rebecca - or Rebs to some. I’m twenty-something, usually watching a hockey game if I’m enjoying a beer at home, and I judge a weekend’s success by how much flour is covering me by the end of the day. After moving around most of my life, I’m composed of many pieces from states, countries, and cultures: Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Italy, France, Indiana, St. Louis, and now Wyoming.

In March I said yes to one of my greatest adventures yet and a huge leap - traveling across the country to move to Cody, Wyoming. I can't wait to explore the beer community here in the West, the scenery, the parks (hello Yellowstone), the fishing, and even the kayaking here in town. If you see a girl driving slowly down the road with an Indiana plate, be patient. I'll get used to these roads soon. Also, let's go get a beer.