Monday Link Love

THIS GUY. Smoothest “Oh hey I’m on TV move ever”

Comprehensive list of cans for your summer! I can’t wait to get Hazed & Infused again.

Are these the most perfect looking cookies or what?

I’ve never been sold on quinoa, but I may give this Watermelon, Feta, and Basil Quinoa salad a try

Have you read Simple Mom before? I found her this past week, and I’ve enjoyed her writing quite a bit and perspective as a cross-cultural family

What? No…really, what? A monkey orchid?

Ooh! Printstagram!

Okay this made me chuckle this morning

A strawberry rumshake sounds like a great idea for summer

How do you feel about these state-shaped cutting boards? I haven’t made up my mind yet. An Indiana one would actually be very practical, though.

Monday Link Love

Chuckle-worthy video by Point Brewery…THE WORLD MAY BE ENDING BUT AT LEAST I HAVE MY BEER

Chefs (and one blogger) on photography in restaurants

How did I end up with this link for this week?


A really really good analogy drawn by The Economist between China’s economy and the bicycle

Wait, what? Austrian trappist beer? (Newsletter #8 from the International Trappist Association)

Twelve cold soup recipes from the New York Times. This is so great! Soup is such a great and easy meal to make for me, but I always have a hard time finding the right ones to make in the hot weather.

I think this is general knowledge already, but it never hurts to be reminded of things we can all learn from the craft brewing industry


An interview with one of my absolute favorite bloggers, Joanna Goddard. I’m so happy every time I see a new post of hers pop up in my Google reader, and I love that she doesn’t shy away from real-life topics. (For example, Do you pee in front of your significant other?)

Monday Link Love

I sort-of kind-of colored my hair this weekend with chalk pastels. It was awesome.

Churchkey Can Co. is taking throwback one step further, with flat topped steel cans you have to open with the actual churchkey that comes with the six-pack.

The Birth of a Book…such a lovely process

“Indianapolis…Our sports-city culture has been built on top of a legacy of the bicycle.”

You’ve seen The Great Gatsby trailer, right? Right??

“Big beer” has discovered sponsored blog posts/giveaways

When you’re in the mood for s’mores, but don’t have the campfire

“Judge us not by our jerks” and “Don’t ‘door’” from How to Not Kill a Cyclist 

Strawberries were on super sale this week, so I’m going to try some of this coulis for some stawberry coulis/limeade ice. Hello Memorial Day!

My friend Megan made profiteroles, and I just can’t stop craving them now. Soft pastry with whip cream? Gahhhh

Monday Link Love

30 of the best alternatives to Helvetica. (I like the weight of Chalet 1960)

Beautifully inspiring profile of chef Chris Kearse

Roundup of some great craft beer labels over at Paste (I love love love Westbrook!)

My favorite tribute to MCA by far

Is anyone else just not okay with the phrase “never trust a skinny cook” ? Me too. Here’s a nice bit about maintaining a semi-healthy diet while being a baker/cook.

I’m not sure I consider myself a writer, but I do try to become better at writing given the time constraints of blog posts: 25 Ways To Earn Your Audience. Please note number 25

“…the bride pictured was drinking a beer. FROM A BOTTLE. The horror.”

Hi beer blinis and pretty pictures


Pardon me while I drool over Cafe du Monde Coffee Ice Cream 

Monday Link Love

Happy American Craft Beer Week! (I really liked their video as well)

Some notes on craft beer’s high price/high quality model

Another reason why most people who love craft beer are awesome

You know you want to dance

The infamous screw Brew Dog and #TheWinnerIsNot fiasco

After North Carolina voted on Amendment 1, New Belgium takes its stance on same-sex equality

Have I told you lately I’m obsessed with Jon Hamm? “Making out is super fun”

The Moon Under Water pub by George Orwell

An interview with the man behind Schlafly’s twitter account

Where the Wild Things Are photo-booth ”Oh please don’t go – we’ll eat you up – we love you so!”

hey you : life updates

Hey you.

It’s been quite a while, hasn’t it?

Thanks for your patience during my April break – it was extremely refreshing, but I’ve missed this a lot. I didn’t check Google Reader for a month and not only did my mornings just not feel right (I typically watch the news, review Reader, and have my coffee in the morning), but I also had unread posts in the double digits. Yikes that was intimidating to return to.

Remember this post? When I went on a rant about how I had no idea what to do with my life? Things have turned around remarkably in the last month – like you wouldn’t believe. Work, life, friendships, the weather, etc etc. But the most exciting thing is that I figured it out.

While I do love baking and beer, my first love is economics. Really and truly. I am so proud to say that I get unreasonably excited about the subject. What can I say? It just moves me. The trouble has been that during my four years of studying it at university, I was consistently told that my interest in it – as a social and philosophical subject, had no place in the field. The subject is and has been moving in the direction of wanting to be a hard science, with an ungodly amount of mathematics involved. Not only am I not interested in studying economics through derivatives, I truly think looking at it through the lens of human behavior and morality is a lot more pertinent to our everyday lives. Essentially, just mention Adam Smith or John Locke and I get embarrassingly psyched.

I love love school, have always planned on going to graduate school, but couldn’t reconcile studying economics by doing calculus for five years. So I started thinking about all the philosophy courses I took at uni, and the further I looked into programs, professors, books, so on and so forth, I discovered the discipline of philosophy of economics.


After a lot of research, a lot of discussion with friends, family members, and professors, I decided to apply to Masters programs here in the fall, and doctoral programs after that, with the ultimate goal of teaching. (I’ll be taking a few more classes here as well to fill out some basics in philosophy I need) Since deciding this, I’ve just become so much happier with each passing day and am indescribably excited to have this sense of purpose now. And I’m stoked to get to study a subject I’m this passionate about. And to be a student. Have I mentioned how much I love learning? Could you tell?

I also turned 24 this week and had Zombie Dust on my birthday. That was really neat.

Again, thank you for your patience, and I’ll be coming back Monday for my lists and more beer related posts after that. Instead of 10 Things for Friday (everyone is doing lists on Friday these days), I’ll do these on Mondays to have at least something cheery for the start of your week.



another sunny day

So I haven’t really done my homework this week…As we’re still having jump-for-joy weather, I have been avoiding “indoors” as much as possible. Consequently, that means I’ve also been avoiding computers and blog posts. Instead I have sore legs from running, blisters from being at the driving range too much too soon, the start of my cycling shorts tan line, a window open every night, and a little sunburn. And it’s made extremely happy. This all has been making me so happy.

Aforementioned running. We have a river trail here in Muncie, and it’s been delightfully busy every day. Plus, there are so many dogs out now!

Every spring I forget about golf blisters…ouch. But that forces me to work on my short game (which needs a lot of work if I may say so). I have about fifteen people I want to play with, but I have also forgotten about how much energy it takes just to hit! My upper body strength has always been lacking, but I’m working my way up. A round can’t be too far away.

Beers outside? Yes, please. Muncie is not lacking for good bars when it comes to beer. We’re extremely spoiled here when it comes to variety (for a town of our size), price, and selection, but one thing we desperately need is a bar with outdoor seating downtown. There used to be a great restaurant The Landing that had converted their back alley into a really cool patio/porch area, but alas, they’re closed now. (And for those of you who may care to notice, I’ve been enamored with spring nail polish colors.)

And bike rides. One of my very favorite parts of spring/summer are early morning rides, when the sun is just up, the air is cool, and barely anyone is on the roads/greenway. It’s just so quiet and peaceful, a refreshing way to start your day, and truly my favorite way to see Indiana.

And finally, a lot of dresses, skirts, and sandals. So many dresses. So so many dresses.

what I’ve been reading at 6:30 AM

I like waking up at 6:30 AM. Yes I said it. I’ll be more specific, though. I don’t like the actual waking up part. I loathe that. Doesn’t everyone? But I love the hour I have early in the morning to myself, just to watch the news, have two cups of coffee, and catch up on various internet readings. 6:30 am – 7:30 am in my life is always quiet and still. I’m thinking about summing up a few of my favorite bits from the week in a list each Friday, so here goes!

1. A romantic and entrancing video on the art of making Dutch oven bread from Kinfolk magazine

2. My favorite post from It’s a Fucking Beer so far, on Guinness Black Lager…“Hey, we have a fucking harp on both our logos. Let’s mix the two together and come up with something twice as bland.”

3. I FINALLY got to have my first Hopslam of the season, and Hoosier Beer Geek has my favorite post on the brew so far….“As for the nose, I may as well have stuck my sniffer straight up the ass of a Georgia Peach.” yessss

4. I spent several of my morning coffee times re-reading The Handsomest Drowned Man In The World. I hope you get to do this as well.

5. Now all I can think about are Joy the Baker’s chive waffles with sour cream and eggs. Legit excuse as breakfast for dinner.