Winter is coming. Drink Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale.

Added on by Rebecca Patrick.

Sierra Nevada Celebration

Indiana got its first snow last night, St. Louis had a thin layer of frost, and winter beers are back on the shelves. St. Charles, which is basically Santa’s workshop during December is already putting up Christmas lights and garland on the street lamps, so I thought it was okay to crack open the most Christmas-y of beers for me, the Sierra Nevada Celebration. With that adorable cabin smothered in snow, this is my celebration. Here’s to looking to snow-capped mountains in two weeks, and here’s to a town covered in Christmas decorations and carolers when I return.

All in all… This is a light and fresh IPA with a lovely amber color and a gorgeous frothy head that disappears quickly, and smells like pine needles. It’s full, smooth, and sweet with plenty of hops and just a little bitterness left over. This is perfect for a transition into winter when the abstract concept is still okay, but we haven’t been hit with bitter winds and trying to climb out of bed on cold mornings. If you aren’t ready for full on winter warmers and dark strong beers to carry you through to spring, and you’re still holding on to bright hoppy beers, then grab this one.

Recommend to a friend? Come on down, we’ll head down to the Gingerbread village (for real) and we’ll split one on the brick streets.

Lightweight-safe? We’re on the verge of a “no” at 6.8%, but once the holidays hit we’re allowed to be a little jolly.

Plus one? See previous comment about staying jolly.

Get a six pack? That would make me one happy girl.

The Hops Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. - Chico, California American IPA