The Session #82: it was just a dream

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The Session, a.k.a. Beer Blogging Friday, is an opportunity once a month for beer bloggers from around the world to (virtually) converge on a single beer related topic, each bringing their own unique perspective. This month is hosted by Beers I've Known, with our prompt being to tell a beer-inspired tale.

Shoshone riverTwo months my beau visited for three very short days. It was September in St. Louis. It was 70. It was sunny. It was perfect. We relaxed on the porch, we went into the city, we got to go on an actual date. We drank beers on a sunken terrace by a creek and by fire light.

The night he left I had the best dream. We were back on the ranch in Wyoming, standing on the bank of the Shoshone river. It was chilly and there was snow on the ground dusting the riverbank. He was fly fishing, and I was wrapped in a thick sweater, reading, with a cold beer in hand.

Last week I landed in Cody, where he picked me up and we drove back to the ranch. The skies were the most brilliant blue and when we got back to the cabin he handed me an Alaskan Winter Ale and we went walking down to the river. He wasn’t fly fishing, and I wasn’t reading, but we were standing together on the banks of the Shoshone dusted in snow looking at the most gorgeous sky. I was drinking a beer and the snow was crunching under our feet. The dog was weaving in and out of the trees and the light was starting to slant and fall behind the mountains.

This was another dream all by itself.

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