Announcement! The Session #83 - Against the Grain

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The Session #83 - Against the Grain

Well I want to hear what you think about the following:

How much is our taste or opinion of a craft beer affected by what friends and the craft beer community at large thinks? What beer do you love that no one else seems to get? Or what beer do you say "no thanks" to that everyone can't get enough of?

I can find myself wondering sometimes when I've had an extremely popular beer, but haven't been all that "wowed" it me? Am I missing something here? Was there too much hype? Could there be such a thing as taste inflation? If we really want to dive further into this, is it really only "good" if a large portion of the craft beer community says it is or is our own opinion and taste enough?

How to participate?

Post all your awesome thoughts about this on Friday, January 3. Either include a link to your post in the comments on my post that day, send your link to me via Twitter @thebakeandbrew, or send a link to

I'll post a round-up the following week to make sure I can include anyone who can't get their post up on that Friday.