10 Things for Friday

cutest whisk in the world!

I bow down to this genius…Irish Car Bomb Pie. I’m convinced anyone who reads that will have the urge to step in the kitchen and try it themselves. I’m hoping to have a really special occasion so I can justify spending the time and ingredients making layers upon layers of goodness. (Thanks Newg!)

Guide to affordable beers (at Pete the Planner, by Mike from HBG)

Most common cooking mistakes…aahhh (via Put it in Your Face)

Super simple, but this party popcorn looks like fun

I really like this infographic “How beer saved the world

This is already a week old (it’s crazy how quickly things come and go on the interwebs, isn’t it?) but in case you haven’t seen it, the cupcake vending machine

Wall Street Journal turns its eye to rye beer (I really just pictured the eye of Sauron looking around…)

The video on Joy the Baker’s newest post on quiche made me tear up a little…she’s an inspiration in more ways than one, for sure

I want to make these Bacon Oatmeal Raisin cookies all the time.

While we’re having a few days of 60 degree weather (as opposed to the 70s and 80s) I’d like to make clam chowder for the first time

10 Things for Friday

1. This ran in the IndyStar yesterday regarding artwork on beer bottles/cans, and even better, about three Indiana breweries’ artwork (Sun King, New Albanian, Three Floyd’s)

2. I wish I had known about these when I was in Paris

3. On falling in love, from Steinbeck

4. UGH. I’m so disappointed “I hate fancy beer…” was featured on the “Good Men Project”

5. Such an interesting and informative bit about professional nosing/tasting of whisky (via It’s Just the Booze Dancing)

6. “Scientific proof” that women hate beards? Bull.

7. In case you’ve done the impossible, and have some thin mints leftover, My Baking Addiction has a creative recipe for you.

8. Troegs Beertography contest! Some seriously pretty pictures

9. You know you want to make these Irish Coffee Blondies on Saturday

10. This made me smile…photographing NYC subway riders reading

(My picture today wasn’t technically beer/baking related, but we’ve been
having fantastic mornings in Indiana lately. Simply breathtaking.)

10 Things for Friday

1. Announcement! Announcement! (re: Brugge Brasserie)

2. I haven’t found a gluten-free beer I like just yet, but this would be the best looking one by far

3. Fruit tart “swatches” as Pantone colors. Ah!

4. Yesterday was International Women’s Day, huzzah! “Judge me on my abilities, not on my boobs”

5. A wonderfully comprehensive list of breweries on Pinterest (who knew?!) as well as a general list of beer bloggers, Twitters, etc.

6. Oh. my. god.

7. Who’s making CMYK Easter Eggs with me this year?

8. I’ll be part of this morning any day

9. One of the reasons I miss the Metro so much. Eye candy on your way to school, thankyouverymuch.

10. Badonk-A-Dunkel…I really hope this actually existed.

10 Things for Friday…on Sunday

I’m in the middle of enjoying a much needed, overdue long weekend. I’ve had two days of doing pretty much whatever I feel like – impromptu trip to Indianapolis, naps, a friend’s birthday bash (there were many party hats), and a lot of Zombie Dust. It’s been de-lightful. And after two days of an already wonderful weekend, I have several bags of groceries on the counter for baking – strawberries for popsicles, blueberries for muffins, and key limes for…to be decided later. I just can’t pass on getting key limes when they’re available, so I’m excited about perusing recipes for them today. Any suggestions?

But for now here’s a be-lated 10 Things for Friday…on Sunday.

1. Roundup of March’s The Session/Beer Blogging Friday hosted by Hoosier Beer Geek on “What makes local beer better?”

2. This is an old one, but every once in a while I’ll watch Ira Glass on storytelling and taste for a touch of inspiration.

3. Kinda cool? Kinda weird

4. I wish I could still run 13.1 miles after a “training” program like this. And I’m extremely jealous of a few of my friends who can.

5. The history of red velvet cake

6. Chocolate fail for chocolate ale: Boulevard Brewing offers refunds on their chocolate ale

7. How would you organize a beer store?

8. Stop-motion bookstore…this made me smile so much.

9. Cheese!!

10. Newfoundland Iceberg beer

10 Things for Friday

1. All you need: marbled red velvet cheesecake brownies.

2. Heineken bottle concept design

3. I have way too many books already, and this summary of the best cookbooks of 2011 isn’t going to help…

4. Interesting tidbit about supposed “light” advantages of cans over bottles.

5. WTF of the week: The Green Lake park in Austria is a normal park in the winter, and a lake in the summer. Whaaa?

6. How could yeast donuts get even better? Stuff them with vanilla cream.

7. Theoretical redesign of Boxer Beer

8. Making your own brown sugar is easier than you thought. Tada!

9. I fell in love with these stunning pictures for a post on Kitchen 101 (with conversions!)

10. Chocolate Pecan Cookies with Sea Salt & being a weirdo.

10 Things for Friday

This week has incidentally taken on an Italian theme…wine…pasta…squid ink…you heard me right. squid ink.

1. My pick of the week from Spenser Magazine: “Behold the House of Sour” on page 66 of the current issue on Cascade Brewing’s sour beer program.

2. Ever wonder how much spaghetti to boil? I could eat a horse has your solution.

3. Le Parisen à la Mer. Simple, fun short about Parisian boys at the ocean.

4. I’m not up to making Trofie pasta yet, but this process video made it look fun.

5. Alright. This has nothing to do with baking or beer, but it’s the. sweetest. thing.

6. The digestif that will make you feel as if you are “hitting yourself on the head with a hammer.”

7. For anyone slightly interested, here are the new 2012 Beer Style Guidelines.

8. THEY USED WHAT?? Squid ink pasta. Squid ink pasta. In case you didn’t see it the first two times…squid. ink.

9. Why anyone might use squid ink…

10. Trailer for SOMM, a new documentary following the adventures of several men attempting to pass their Sommelier exams.

10 Things for Friday

What I’ve been reading this week…there is quite a bit extending outside of the beer & baking realm, but I hope you don’t mind.

1. Favorite of the week: beautiful beautiful label illustrations and brilliant idea for Illustration Ale by East End Brewing in Pittsburgh

2. Incredibly detailed infographic of The Phantom Tollbooth. I’m stunned.

3. Put It In Your Face legitimately made me crave bourbon at 9:30. Scouts honor.

4. Why McDonald’s in France doesn’t feel like fast food. SO. TRUE.

5. I can’t believe I forgot about the cupcake cannon.

6. Apparently it is possible to be in love with a poster…sexy typography print…Ligature, Loop, and Step

7. Clever and sweet designs by Vahram Muratyan on Paris versus New York

8. The craft beer revolution in Norway!

9. Jumping on the bandwagon: Yosemite…truth be told, “Outro” can make you tear up all on its own. Listen to it sparingly. Use it wisely.

10. Stressed out? Watch this lovely seven minute video on letterpress.

10 Things for Friday

Here’s what I’ve been reading through my Google Reader  at 6:30 am each morning this week…

1. WTF of the week: woman banned from homebrew competition because she has lady parts. (source onesource two)

2. Muncie’s Heorot was the only Indiana bar to make it into Draft’s 100 best beer bars this year. While it is quite true that they have an outstanding selection (Delirium on tap!) and they finally got some good bartenders in there after my favorites left, all things considered (selection, price, service, owners, atmosphere, crowd, etc.), Savage’s and the Fickle Peach still take the top spots in my book for Muncietown.

3. Adorable solution for your messy spice bowl or shelf: small spice jars + blackboard chalk.

4. These cabins. Oh good heavens these cabins.

5. One morning last week.

6. After reading Helene Dujardin’s book Plate to Pixel, I thought “Hey, I might actually be able to learn how to take a decent photo.” She also makes me think I could actually make her Gluten-Free Salmon Bisque.

7. For those of you wanting to fancy up your liquor cabinet. Or if you’re like me, your “liquor cabinet” is a corner of your shelf devoted to the one bottle of scotch and one bottle of gin or vodka. Use some of that vodka, milk, and sugar, and you’ll have another smart drink to add (The Kitchn)

8. Camping/road tripping/skinny dipping video by Deschutes Brewery.

9. If you need to kill an hour or two, here’s an interesting & lengthy response by Stone’s Greg Koch to this inspired by this. It took me two mornings to read through it thoroughly. But now I’m curious about IBUs (don’t know much about them yet) and even more bewildered by some beer styles/classifications and their interpretations.

10. I need two more hours in the day just so I can make this grapefruit cake with grapefruit/mint glaze every day of my life. (Food 52)

Come back Sunday for the last cookie post of January!